Speed limit to be slashed on Burnley-Hapton danger road?

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A DANGEROUS road, where two people died could see speed limits slashed to make it safer for motorists.

Under Lancashire County Council proposals, speeds could be cut from 60 mph to 50 mph along parts of the A679 around Hapton.

But parish councillors from the village are pushing to see a 40 mph limit imposed along the Accrington Road, which they branded “crazy” and “confusing”.

Hapton Parish Council chairman Christine Pucket-Goulden explained that the speed limit changed four times between 30 mph and 60mph along the two-mile stretch from Rosegrove and Hapton.

She said: “It is a bad road. People just think it is National Speed Limit all the way up, and ignore the 30 mph through the village.

“It is silly having three different speed limits in such a short space. We just want something more safe and sensible.”

A 40 mph zone is in place from Rosegrove to Network 65, where it changes to 60 mph until the Agra Indian restaurant, then a 30 mph zone carries on through Hapton. The National Speed Limit is in place after Hapton up until the Accrington roundabout, where the road becomes a 40 mph again.

Mrs Pucket-Goulden added: “It would be a lot better of they just carry the 40 mph limit on. It makes a lot more sense to road users.

“We hope that they look at altering the speed down to 40 mph.”

Mr Stephen Fairley (39) was killed on the road in June 2003 when his motorbike collided with a car.

Eighty-four-year-old Joseph Haywood was also killed on the road after he pulled out in front of a lorry in October last year.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We have received feedback on our proposals from Hapton Parish Council.

“We will be considering what they have said in the usual way, and a future report will be put forward to senior managing members over the next few weeks.”