The Make-Up Doctor: How to find and use the best tinted moisturiser

The Make-Up Doctor, Rita Parmar, gives her expert advice on how to get the best out of tinted moisturiser.

Who doesn’t love tinted moisturiser? A lightweight finish that leaves skin looking natural and even radiant.

So why is it so many of us struggle when it comes to using one? Common things I hear include:

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• “I like it when I put it on, but after a bit I can’t see it.”

Rita Parmar, the Make-Up Doctor

• “It just turns patchy and greasy looking after a few hours of wear.”

• “I can’t get coverage from it at all.”

• “I love a natural ‘look’ but it makes my uneven areas more obvious.”

Well, here are a few tinted moisturiser tips that everyone should know.

This week, Rita brings you tips on tinted moisturiser

Why is this happening?

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Tinted moisturiser is usually a more fluid formula. To give it that creamy, dewy finish it naturally contains more oils than a foundation so is more likely to slide off your skin, move on skin or appear more transparent. Because of its dewy nature it can also exaggerate skin texture because it has ‘less coverage’ and is more ‘reflective’.

How to combat these issues?

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To ensure tinted moisturiser looks as smooth as possible without highlighting skin texture, apply primer and then apply tinted moisturiser with a brush (a Flawless Foundation Brush or Stipple Brush with a flat top that ‘transfers’ not ‘buffs’). Because these types of products are so transparent, to get coverage it is important to use a brush rather than hands, this will give even transfer and allow you to ‘layer’ the product too. Using hands will ‘rub in’ or ‘lift off’ product.

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To prevent ‘extra oiliness’ or slipping of the product use powder products on top of tinted moisturiser. By this I mean powder bronzer and blusher. The powder will help absorb some of the oils. For extreme oils look at ‘oil free’ products underneath the tinted moisturiser and oil free tinted moisturiser.

Do you use tinted moisturiser? If so, is it the ‘right’ product for you? If you’ve tried all the above and are still struggling, then maybe it’s not the best option for you. Other ‘lightweight’ options to try may be a BB cream or lightweight skin tints or foundations.

Want to find out what to do, which product would be best, and how, take a look at Parmar, aka The Make-Up Doctor, is a Lancashire-based beauty expert who aims to demystify make-up for regular women.