‘Science Made Simple’ roadshow comes to Burnley town centre

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THE wonders of flight will be demonstrated in Burnley town centre.

People from all ages can go along and understand the fascinating science behind flight at a special roadshow being held in James’s Street on Thursday, February 24th.

“Science Made Simple” will host the interactive show, where people of all ages are invited to take part and understand the forces that work to defy gravity and send aeroplanes soaring into the air.

The audience will be able to help with some of the experiments and see objects fly into the air.

Burnley already has a great tradition of aerodynamics and innovation, with locally based leading aerospace manufacturer Aircelle employing more than 700 skilled workers from the region and this foray into the world of flight will hopefully inspire the next Aircelle, or even NASA, engineers of the future.

It will be hosted by Science Made Simple’s David Price and is part of the Creativity Works’ LET project to bring more creativity and vibrancy to Burnley’s town centre spaces.