Alcohol problems at popular fishing site

Alcohol is not permitted at Lowerhouse Lodge
Alcohol is not permitted at Lowerhouse Lodge
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Problems are arising on Lowerhouse Lodge again with alcohol.

Members are drinking and wandering about in no fit state to be fishing.

I have put warnings in this column before - no alcohol means no drinking!

If caught, it will mean a ban, and names have been put forward to appear before the next committee.

So expect a ban or even expulsion from the club.

This is not fair on the residents around the lodge, the disturbance caused at night just wont be tolerated.

No night tickets will be issued until after the next monthly meeting.

We will also vote on a rule of one rod per angler at all times, because of the abuse with the two rod rule.

The Cornfield Farm Open was won by M. Naylor (49-11-0) from P. Smith (29-14-0) and C. Durkin (26-11-0).


The next trophy match is on Croft Fishery on Sunday, to book on, ring Paul (01706 639373) or Rob (07775 625088), members only.

Sunday’s match was won by Chris Oliver (36lb 4oz, carp, pellet waggler, peg 12)

The final Junior match is tonight at Townhouse Fishery, draw 5-45 p.m., fish 6-15-8-15 p.m.

Last Friday’s winners were (Under 16) Joe Bleakley (14lb 9oz) and (Under 12) Scott Wilkinson (8lb 7oz).