Padiham Archive Group goes from strength to strength

Padiham people wanting a stroll down memory lane do not have very far to walk.

The Padiham Archive Group has been offering a fascinating insight into the town’s history for 10 years now.

Padiham Archive Group

Padiham Archive Group

Run by Bob and Ann Clark, the project began when a local man donated a large amount of photographs and newspapers related to Padiham to the retired couple.

They were surprised at the reaction and support from the community when they set up a small display in the local football club and have received countless objects and photographs to add to the archive ever since, with a growing number of 15,000 photographs stored.

Padiham Archive Museum, which can be located within the town hall, is now one of the town’s most visited attractions and hosts an annual exhibition at the end of September.

Mrs Clark said: “There isn’t a week goes by with out someone coming in and giving us an object or photograph to keep or make a digital copy of.”

The archive itself contains an extensive range of quirky objects and historical items that showcase the town’s history, such as the 150-year-old “Padiham Water Clock” which is powered by a continual cycle of water.

The pair are hoping “to get the younger generations involved” and invite local primary schools to take part in workshops such as the “Children Living in Padiham in WW2”. The archive encourages younger people to see the history of their town and school children have been known to bring back their friends and family after visiting.

The couple’s devotion and personal connection to the town creates a fantastic and inviting place to take a step back into the local history of Padiham.