GEOFF CRAMBIE: Sex goddess Sabrina visited Nelson Imp


The year is 1955 and here at the piano is my old friend Albert J. Morris and the most famous blonde in Great Britain.

Yes, here in this week’s nostalgic picture, given to me many years ago by the genial Albert, we can see the sex-symbol of the 1950s, Sabrina, who was here in Nelson to appear at our very own Imperial Ballroom. Albert had written a song especially for the “Blonde Bombshell” which was entitled “Sabrina Samba” and here they both are at the piano going through the score of Albert’s song.

At the Imp, Sabrina was a complete sell-out and hundreds of local red-blooded males tried to invade the stage, many falling down in the melee to get closer to the star.

Sabrina’s best-known asset was her hour-glass figure and her most vital statistic was reported to be between 42 to 50 inches!

Sabrina herself, then starring in films in 1957, said on the set of “St Trinian’s”, “My bosom has been the cause of much speculation - however, I can reveal to you it measures exactly 30 inches more than my waist!”

Sabrina, what a girl!