Costumes will tell Titanic tragedy at Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham

Titanic talk gawthorpe burnley
Titanic talk gawthorpe burnley
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A FASCINATING journey aboard the Titanic will set sail from historic Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham, this Friday.

History Wardrobe will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ship’s maiden voyage by inviting the audience back to April 1912 on an evocative journey into Edwardian society.

The presentation will explore the world’s most famous ship through costumes of the period.

It follows the story of famous dress designer Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon – including historical costumes, documents and survivor testimonies which offer a fascinating glimpse into life on board Titanic and the aftermath of the tragedy.

Presenter Lucy said: “Our aim in creating this talk was to present a respectful and reflective commemoration of a tragedy that has never failed to capture the public imagination.

“We’ll also show just how significantly clothes highlight status in Edwardian society – a status that is chillingly reflected in survival rates of different classes on board the ship.

“The beautiful gowns and lingerie show how sumptuous life could be for the favoured few in first class.

“We also have clothing suitable for second and third-class travel.

“Original garments surviving from any century offer a poignant reminder that sometimes even the most ephemeral objects can outlast us.

“In the case of Titanic, the only items left of many of those who perished are the pairs of shoes and boots littering the ocean floor around the wreck.”

The presentation is on Friday at 7pm. Booking is essential and tickets are £10 which includes refreshments and there will be an opportunity to look at the costumes close up and talk to History Wardrobe.

Contact Gawthorpe Hall on 01282 771004 or for tickets.