Cliviger preserves its past in village history archive

The Old Smithy, Mereclough (s)
The Old Smithy, Mereclough (s)

THESE historic pictures of what life was like in Cliviger in days gone by are part of a project by villagers to preserve its past.

People from across the North-West flocked to an exhibition of old photographs and newspaper cuttings held at the village hall and plans are afoot to interview some people who have had a life-long association with Cliviger on film.

Organiser of the exhibition Mr Alan Scholes who was successful in obtaining a £2,500 grant to form Cliviger Archives and Photograph Group said that he hopes this is just the beginning of keeping a continuous record of life in the village.

The next project, in co-operation with Burnley Film Makers, is to interview people including Sir Simon Towneley and Burnley Express village correspondent Mrs Alice Harris who have a long history in Cliviger.

Another local resident before the cameras will be former long-serving parish councillor Mr Alan Pim (90) who has a clear memory of Cliviger during the first half of the last century. His uncle, a railway ticket collector, was killed when a runaway rail truck hit the ticket office at Holme-in-Cliviger rail station.

The photographs are currently being catalogued by the archive group and there is a large collection from Cliviger resident Mr Eddie Fenton who died a number of years ago.

His pictures include many images of The Holme when it was lived in and views of the surrounding countryside.

Mrs Harris, who is on the archive group committee, said some of the photographs date back almost 100 years.

“I think it’s important for these people growing up now because the majority of people were not born in Cliviger so they are strangers to it.

“Even people who have lived here 30 or 40 years won’t know it as it was.

“All the farming has completely changed over the years. They won’t know anything like that.”