Make sure you have your say on landlords’ licensing scheme

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Residents and private landlords are being encouraged to air their views on new proposals to create further selective licensing areas.

The proposed schemes cover parts of Bank Hall, Rosehill with Burnley Wood, Trinity, Daneshouse with Stoneyholme, and Gawthorpe.

Some selective licensing schemes already operate in parts of Trinity, Gannow and the Queensgate areas.

The scheme encourages landlords and residents to work together with the council and other partners to improve areas by tackling poor property management, anti-social behavious, and crime.

A 14-week public consultation is now underway to gather the views of the public, landlords, and other interested individuals or groups.

Coun. John Harbour, the executive member for housing and environment, said: “It’s important we get the views of tenants, other residents and landlords in particular, as these will help shape any scheme.

“We won’t make any final decision until we have listened to all interested parties and taken what they have to say fully into account.

“Poor management and low housing standards can cause the housing market in an area to fail.

“People then leave the area making house prices fall, and in the end the community becomes weaker and the quality of life for those remaining suffers.

“Selective licensing supports and encourages landlords to improve their management and property standards which in turn helps boost the housing market and encourage people to move into an area.”

The consultation, which runs until October 2nd will include surveys, leaflets, public events, landlord meetings, and a poster campaign, as well as road shows in the areas affected.

For more information about the scheme, or to find out more about the road shows visit or call 01282 477234.