Join Steve for an out-of-this-world event

One of the UK's top clairvoyants will take audiences on 'an emotional rollercoaster'.

Friday, 25th August 2017, 4:42 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:47 pm
Steve Holbrook. (s)

Steve Holbrook (51) will serve as a “telephone messenger” between the living and the deceased during an intimate gig at The Oaks Hotel, Burnley.

“There will be tears of laughter and sadness,” he said, “and many people will walk out in shock and leave uncomfortably challenged.”

Previously a hairdresser for 17 years, Steve left the salon behind to become a full-time clairvoyant after clients began to see him for a reading more often than a cut-and-colour!

Even today, the moment which kicked off his new journey is crystal clear in his mind.

While in the salon, Steve said he heard a voice claiming to be a client’s deceased husband - a man he knew nothing of. He couldn’t believe his ears when she verified the claim.

He puts it down to the intimate environment and personal touch of the hairdressing role, which opened him up to the spiritual sphere.

“It’s a case of shutting out daily turmoil and clearing your mind to let the spiritual world take over,” he said. “It’s all about sensitivity - and I left school with a degree in that!”

“It’s an amazing ability. It’s like a good wine - it gets better with age.”

And the nature of the afterlife provides a constant source of fascination for the medium.

As he said, for example: “We’re all governed by a clock down here but there’s no time in the spirit world.”

The basis of his job is to provide the greatest reassurance of all to humanity: “to prove we actually survive bodily death”. So it’s easy to see why he loves his work, given it deals with the very thing that levels off and unites all people: the “inevitability of death”, a fact of life not even leaders or superstars can escape.

But for Steve, delivering personal and unique messages of comfort, love and laughter to people in the throes of grief is the ultimate reward.

“It’s lovely as I get to see faces light up with happy tears.

“I have bags of thank you letters - it’s amazing.”

The event will begin at 7-30pm on Thursday, September 21st. Tickets are £17 in advance (book on 01823 666292) or £18 on the door.