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Roman bathhouse heaven: Palatial £1.3m mansion with 21 rooms and its own spa facilities

There's a reason why the Greeks were doing it 3,000 years ago, why the Romans practically built an empire on it, and why you can still do it in most 21st century leisure centres. Everyone loves a spa. Spas are great. They're classy places where you cover yourself in mud. They're fancy retreats where you can day-drink strawberry Champagne. Now imagine that, but at home. I know, I know. Calm yourself, and check out this £1.3m pad...


The Mount: Tudor-style, £595,000 four-bed Burnley home... with a twist

Rather famously, Henry VIII got through a few wives. Six, in fact. The second Tudor king, Henry has been and will forever be remembered as one of history's less warm individuals to have plonked his reputedly large derriere on the English throne. For many though, Tudor is namely a style of fancy house, all dark beams and lush white facades. Despite the most infamously Tudor king being a lout, the architecture baring the family name is famed for being delicate and tasteful. Enter: this four-bed Burnley home for your majesty's approval.

Burnley YouTuber, Liam Waddington (aka Vizeh)

The Making of Vizeh: How a Burnley lad became a YouTube sensation

The voice on the other end of the phone pauses for a second, before a laugh sounds out. "People think it has some sort of meaning but it's just something stupid. It came from Call of Duty. I wanted a name starting with an obscure letter and I wanted a 'z' in it." Another chuckle. Hundreds of thousands of people now know the name. Vizeh was born.

No-expenses-spared, 27-room Lancashire super-manor on the market for £2.4m

The phrase 'no expense spared' is a thrilling one. It's scary because there's a panic over who's picking up the bill and it's exciting because you feel like something downright fancy is about to go down. No-expenses-spared weddings can be magical and garish and no-expenses-spared holidays can be unforgettable and forced. But no expenses spared homes are just great. Take this 27-room, three-storey £2.4m wonderland for example...

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