Hunt for fish and chip shop to stock Aphrodisiac pie for Valentine’s Day

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Forget champagne, chocolates and red roses and, instead, why not treat your other half to the Aphro-piety this Valentine’s Day?

Holland’s Pies has created a limited edition aphrodisiac pie and is searching for a fish and chip shop in Burnley to stock them this Valentine’s Day.

The pie, named Aphro-piety, is a taste bud tickling recipe of chicken thigh, perry cider, asparagus in a lemon infused cream sauce, topped with smoked oysters and decorated with a gold heart lid and sprinkling of saffron.

All the ingredients have been selected to ensure it has the maximum impact in bringing couples in Burnley closer together, without compromising on taste. Oysters have chemical compounds that release hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen, and the high levels of vitamin E in asparagus do the same. The saffron affects the neurotransmitters in the brains pleasure centres, to get Aphro-piety eaters in the mood for love.

Over the last month, Holland’s have been trialling the pie to see if it improves desire levels among couples. One of the couples that has been testing it is Lynda Fielding (59) and Brian Belcher (63), who run Belfields fish and chip shop in Parliament Street, Burnley, and have been together for over 30 years.

Lynda said: “We‘ve had our fish and chip shop for 22 years now and at the end of the day we’re often too tired to think of anything else other than going to sleep. However, this has changed a little while we’ve been testing the pie … if you know what I mean!”

Holland’s is looking for a fish and chip shop in Burnley to stock a batch of the Aphro-piety pies to make available to customers free of charge on Valentine’s Day. A chip shop in Burnley will be one of only six in the country to stock the pies. Interested chippies or people wanting to nominate their local fish and chip shop are being asked to e-mail Holland’s at (stating ‘Chippie Search’ in the subject box). A shop will be selected at random from all nominations received.

The pie was created by celebrity chef Tom Bridge and his team at Holland’s. Tom, author of Pie Society and one of the top pie development chefs in the country , said: “Holland’s is loved by people in Burnley and across the North West, so this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to show our fans some love in return.”