Landlords hitwith big fine inlandmark case

TWO landlords who were breaking the law by not having a licence for a property they were renting out have been fined £520 in the first case of its kind in Burnley.

William and Valerie Ann Fisher, of Bolton, who are landlords of 180 Cog Lane, Burnley, were found to be in breach of the selective licensing scheme.

Selective licensing has been operating in the Trinity area of town since 2008, following reports of high levels of anti-social behaviour. Now all rented properties are required by law to have a licence.

Coun. Martin Smith, Burnley council’s Executive member for regeneration and housing, said: “We are delighted that our first case against a landlord who had not complied with the licensing scheme was a success.

“The licensing scheme has been operating for two years now and has overall been a great success, with tenants subject to checks before they are able to move into a property.

“As a result, levels of anti-social behaviour in the area are improving and this conviction is proof that the scheme is still going strong.

“The message is clear – get a licence and adhere to its terms and conditions, or face the consequences.

“Bad landlords are not acceptable in Burnley, the scheme is in place to make our neighbourhoods better places to live. We will continue with our work to make this the case by improving the management practices and property standards across the private rented sector.”