Historic mill demolition to build homes

The first mill to be built in Sabden will be partially demolished to make way for a new housing estate in the village.

Plans submitted to Ribble Valley Borough Council by applicants Bowsall (Sabden) Ltd based in Salford to construct 37 houses at the Victoria Mill site were deferred and delegated at a recent Planning and Development Committee meeting.

Although Sabden Parish Council raised no objections to the proposals, concerns were highlighted in relation to the increase in traffic and highway safety.

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The Victorian Society strongly objected to the demolition of the spinning block and chimney. It is considered that these two structures are the mill’s most prominent surviving buildings and that they contribute positively to the identity of the site and that of the wider Sabden Conservation Area.

Victoria Mill opened in 1847, predating Sabden’s other major cotton and weaving mills by some 10 years. It enjoyed periods of growth and prosperity, particularly in the 1890s, when 250 locals were employed there. Textile manufacturing ceased at the mill in 1964, but it has remained inhabited by various companies until the present day.

The proposals were deferred and delegated to the Director of Community Services for approval to allow for further negotiation to be undertaken and matters relating to planning conditions.