Downton Abbey-style 10-bedroom Ribble Valley mega-mansion sells for £2.5m

The UK's most famous pub chain, Wetherspoons, is famous for taking old buildings - most of them historic and beautiful - and reviving them to great effect and re-purposing them as public houses. Now I don't want to overplay how large and wonderful this house is, but put it this way: I'd be shocked if Tim Martin didn't take a look at Bramley Meade Hall.

By Jack Marshall, Reporter
Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 11:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 12:08 pm
Built in 1882, this former maternity hospital built in the classic Italian Renaissance style is on the market for a whopping 2.5m.
Built in 1882, this former maternity hospital built in the classic Italian Renaissance style is on the market for a whopping 2.5m.

A 10-bedroom extravaganza of a home, this property has it all. It looks like it belongs on Downton Abbey, it has an indoor swimming pool, and Christopher Columbus could get lost in the gardens. It is, to put it mildly, simply one of the best homes to exist this side of Buckingham Palace, and priced at £2.5m, the brand new owners (sale subject to contract) know it.

The home's enormous reception room features marble pillars and a lush carpeted staircase which has its original balustrade and handrails.

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Stairs like these wouldn't look out of place in Buckingham Palace.
Less a regular home's kitchen, more a restaurant-style hub of culinary excellent, the Bramley Meade Hall continues to impress.
More island than the Greek Cyclades...
Fancy dining in style? How does a wooden fireplace with marble hearth sound?
Get the fire going and gaze out over the home's garden and lands from the bay window.
Just look at how small those sofas are made to look in such a massive room...
Grab a drink at the granite serving bar, why not?
Not sure there's a single room in my house which would fit a full-size snooker table...
Of course this wonder-house has a swimming pool, and about as gorgeous a pool as you can imagine.
Rumour has it that Michael Phelps was born here, in this very swimming pool.
Doing a good job of looking much like a side room in the Natural History Museum, the home's second floor continues the general theme of homely perfection.
Fireplace, yep. Huge windows offer views over the beautiful Ribble Valley, yep. Two dressing rooms, you better believe it.
When your dressing room has a fireplace, you know your house is pretty good.
The bathroom has been hand-painted. HAND-PAINTED.
What child doesn't dream of a bedroom with a four-posted bed?
The home's gardens stretch across three acres.
As well as lush foliage, the home's garden also features a fountain and stone-built water feature.
When are we moving in?