Alternative Premier League table has Burnley FC 6th and Manchester City relegated in last

Burnley FC's Turf MoorBurnley FC's Turf Moor
Burnley FC's Turf Moor
There's a world in which Bournemouth win the Premier League, in which Burnley win a Europa League spot by finishing second, and in which Manchester City are dead last. Liverpool are still second, though.

Producing a Premier League table based on the average house price growth of properties sharing a postcode with each of the division's clubs, have revealed a vastly different outcome than the more conventional table based on nothing more than sporting brilliance over the past nine months of intense competition.

And while the likes of Huddersfield Town would have been relegated in both the sporting and the economics tables, the likes of Tottenham, Arsenal, Newcastle, and Brighton have been teased with the prospect of wildly differing seasons, while the Clarets would have been rejoicing in an otherwise-unfathomable improvement on last season's 7th place finish.

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“While the actual Premier League remains fairly predictable when it comes to the top teams, the current property landscape is anything but," explained founder and CEO of, Colby Short. "Political uncertainty continues to play its part and while some pockets are still performing very well, others continue to struggle.

The table in its entirety.The table in its entirety.
The table in its entirety.

"These drastic differences in price growth on a granular level demonstrate just how diverse the national market is and while regional cities like Manchester as a whole are performing very well, there are even areas within these more in demand locations that are seeing a lull," Colby added.

While Man City may be top dog on the pitch, their M11 postcode does not fare nearly as well, with house prices in the vicinity having dropped by 26% from £141,739 to £105,00 since the season began last year. Conversely, while Eddie Howe's Cherries may have endured a miserable second half to their Premier League campaign, they can at least seek solace in the fact that homes sharing an BH7 postcode with the Vitality Stadium have increased in value by 18%.

The value of homes sharing Anfield's postcode have increased by 9% from a minuscule £66,233 to £72,469 (the cheapest homes in the Premier League), while at the other end of the wallet-busting spectrum, homes around Fulham's Craven Cottage and Chelsea's Stamford Bridge have increased by a comparatively small 4% from a nonetheless eye-popping £1,023,128 to £1,061,974 - comfortably the most expensive area in the Premier League.

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