You can now buy mince pie flavoured cereal in the supermarket - would you try it?

Sainsbury's has launched a mince pie flavoured cereal, which sounds perfect for those who dream of eating mince pies for breakfast throughout the festive season.

The individual Mince Pie Wheats are filled with lightly spiced sweet mincemeat, and are also high in fibre, as well as being vegan-friendly.

When will the cereal be available to buy?

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The cereal is available to buy now, and a 500g box costs £2.

For those who like the idea of festive-theme breakfast items, the supermarket is also offering Gingerbread Porridge, Bucks Fizz Marmalade, and Cranberry, Cinnamon and White Chocolate Granola.

Other innovative Christmas food offerings this year

This year, Sainsbury’s is also selling pigs in blankets flavoured mayonnaise, for those who just can’t get enough of the Christmas delicacy.

The mayonnaise is pink in colour, with a porky flavour made to taste like sausages wrapped in bacon. However, it doesn’t actually contain pigs in blankets, with the taste of pork instead created by smoke flavouring, tomato paste and paprika extract. This means the product is suitable for vegetarians.

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The mayo costs 95p for a 280ml squeezy bottle, but it isn’t the only pigs in blankets themed snack available on supermarket shelves this year.

If food flavoured like pigs in blankets sounds up your street, then Tesco is selling limited edition bags of pigs in blanket flavoured crisps, costing £1 for a 150g bag. The bacon and sausage flavour hand cooked crisps are perfect for those who love pigs in blankets, but want a quick and easy snack this festive season.

For those who want to spice up their sprouts, Sainsbury’s is also selling a ‘sprout sprinkle’ which has a ‘pigs in blanket style seasoning’. This is also suitable for vegetarians and uses a mixture of onion, garlic, and smoked paprika to get the pigs in blankets flavour, which you then just sprinkle over your sprouts.

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