Review: Sweet taste of healthy dining at Burnley's newest eaterie

I am going to throw two words at you.

The Olive Pot is Burnley's newest eaterie
The Olive Pot is Burnley's newest eaterie

"Healthy eating."

Be honest, what is your reaction? Many people will groan and think of bare lettuce leaves or some tastleless concoction that the "experts" tell us is good for us.

Well folks, think again and welcome to The Olive Pot, the newest little eaterie to open in Burnley.

A mouthwatering selection of dishes at The Olive Pot.

It is primarily a sandwich shop but the extensive menu offers so much more with the choice of eating in too.

And the emphasis is on eating healthily, with fresh ingredients.

The cold and grilled sandwich menu offers an amazing range, from the traditional favourites of tuna mayo, egg mayo and cheese and pickle to honey mustard roasted ham, cajun chicken, Peri Peri chicken and grilled halloumi with roasted red peppers with pesto and balsamic.

You can also choose from white or brown bread or baguettes and a gluten free option is available.


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There is a range of jacket potatoes and also Super Salad bowls made up of base ingredients including mixed leaves, garden peas, herbs, peppers and onions, spicy chickpeas and mixed seeds. You simply add the topping you fancy from the menu.

For Burnley chef Natalie Zara Nawaz The Olive Pot is the realisation of a lifelong dream to open her own sandwich shop. But she seems to have gone a step further and will also be offering prep meals of your choice all bursting with flavour and fresh ingredients.

So someone else is doing all the hard work for you and it is healthy to boot? What's not to like?

Of course the proof is in the pudding so when I was invited along for a taster session with my daughter, a colleague and his partner we were more than happy to try out The Olive Pot.


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I opted for the healthy breakfast which included turkey sausages, grilled halloumi, tomatoes and mushrooms, beans and two slices of toast- it was the perfect combination to start the day.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her grilled halloumi sandwich with roasted red peppers and chilli jam. She said it was tasty, filling and full of flavour.

My colleague chose the Saucy Italian Melt and his partner opted for the smashed avocado on toast with poached egg and chilli flakes. Both rated their meals 10 on 10 and these two are real foodies who dine out at a variety of places several times a week.

We shared a plate of protein pancakes topped with blueberries and honey.


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I have since been back to the The Olive Pot and I had the pancakes all to myself the second time. They were delicious and filling.

Situated in Boot Way, opposite Burnley Bus Station, the pristine exterior and interior of The Olive Pot makes it a lovely place to be, along with the warm welcome you will receive from Natalie and her team which includes Kelly Chaffer and Deborah Abbott.

Another tick against The Olive Pot is the flexibility of the menu so you can tailormake your meal and if what you fancy isn't on the menu Natalie will try and add it.