Nutella to launch new chocolate snack bar

Sweet news for chocoholics, Nutella have announced the launch of a new chocolate, biscuit snack bar set to launch in stores this September.

Nutellas B-ready bar
Nutellas B-ready bar

Nutella’s B-ready bar, which has all the delicious flavours of the popular hazelnut spread, will cost just 56p, and a £1.99 for a pack of six.

Created by Italian chocolate giants Pietro Ferrero, it's been described as Nutella topped with puffed wheat crispies, sealed in a crispy wafer shell.

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And if it's market test is anything to go by it's set to be another top selling product for the Ferrero group.

Contains fewer than 120 calories

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero told, “Nutella B-ready is a complementary addition to the Ferrero range, offering shoppers more ‘sweet snacking’ solutions throughout the day.

“We see B-ready as the ideal mid-morning snack, containing fewer than 120 calories, while other products – like Kinder Bueno – are much more suited to post lunch snacking.

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“Our initial UK trial has proved incredibly successful. We ranged at the till in a selection of convenience stores and Nutella B-ready ranked as the fourth best performing sweet snacking line during the period.

“We also found that merchandising the single serve product separately to the multi-pack drove incremental sales. We would recommend that the single serve features alongside popular confectionery lines like Kinder Bueno and the multipack format within the biscuits aisle.”