Morrisons launches the UK's 'hottest' supermarket curry

When it comes to spicy food, can you handle the heat?
The super spicy dish, titled the Volcanic VindalooThe super spicy dish, titled the Volcanic Vindaloo
The super spicy dish, titled the Volcanic Vindaloo

If the answer to the question above is 'yeah, no sweat', then you're in luck.

Morrisons has just come out with the nation’s hottest supermarket curry.

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The super spicy dish, titled the ‘Volcanic Vindaloo’ is the hottest curry on our supermarket shelves, and is available now in Morrisons stores all over the country

The naga viper chilli with which it is made is 200 times hotter than a jalapeno or Tabasco sauce. As well as these chillis - which have a Scoville rating of 1,382, 118 - the curry is topped with roasted whole green chillis.

As you might expect, the Volcanic Vindaloo - created as part of a collaboration with some curry experts to celebrate National Curry week - comes with a heat warning.

Morrisons recommends only people over 16 try the dish due to the heat it packs.

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Morrisons ready meals expert Sean Gill said: "Curry fans have been telling us that they just don't get the fiery heat they want from ordinary ready meal curries.

"With this in mind we decided to take up their challenge and create the hottest ready meal in the country – something with the extreme heat you get when you order a Vindaloo in your favourite restaurant.

"I'm used to tasting spicy curries as part of my job but this one blew my head off. It tastes fantastic but my mouth felt like it was on fire. You definitely need to have a glass of milk ready."

The Volcanic Vindaloo costs just £1.50 and will be on sale for a limited period only.

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