Now the weather is turning a little warmer, perhaps you're brave enough to sit in the springtime garden with a glass of crisp white wine

Eight springtime white wines to sip in the garden, from sauvignon blanc to pinot grigio and chardonnay

It’s been spring for a few weeks. I’m optimistically thinking we can venture outside now and again, glass in hand, and listen to the birds.

We can keep an eye on our sun-squinting plants as they wake up, and generally be all light-hearted and uplifted by the thought of warmer days ahead.

My spring so far has consisted of birds dismantling my hanging baskets (for their nests) and the dog deciding to dig to Australia where I’d popped some bulbs in the fading days of autumn.

She’s also just “christened” some bluebells.

I’ll keep my outlook optimistic and bring you eight spring white wines to sip in the garden, all crisp and vibrant and juicy.

If you choose to go back inside after 15 minutes, that’s your call.

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