Friends together on a night out at Lava and Ignite back in 2009

A blast from Burnley's past: 30 scenes from nights out at Hammerton Street's former leading nightclub Lava and Ignite between 2006 and 2011

It’s incredible to think that the doors at Burnley’s Lava and Ignite nightclub have been closed to party-goers for more than eight years now.

The dancefloors at the once popular Hammerton Street venue were always jam-packed, the bars were bustling with bargain deals on beverages and the tunes were pumping from evening through to early morning.

Thousands upon thousands of punters — over the course of the weekend — would jostle for entry into the town’s most popular venue in its heyday and each and every one of them would keep coming back for more.

At the time of it’s closure in 2014, Northern regional director of the Luminar Group, which owned the club, Tony Gorbert said: “Following a long-term decline in footfall in the town centre, we have taken the difficult decision to close Lava & Ignite in Burnley.

“We would like to thank our loyal customers and all our employees, who have worked so hard in tough operating conditions to provide a fun, safe and great value night out.”

Well, enjoy this nostalgic trip back in time, with 33 photographs taken at the venue between 2006 and 2011. Do you recognise anyone?

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