Burnley mum wins £250,000 on National Lottery Scratchcard

BIG WIN: Scratchcard winner Katie Bryant
BIG WIN: Scratchcard winner Katie Bryant
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A YOUNG mum of two from Burnley is celebrating today after winning the top prize on the National Lottery £250,000 Blue Scratchcard.

Katie Bryant, 21, is now looking forward to buying her own home – something she thought she would never be able to do.

But she said the reality of her big win still hasn’t sunk in.

Katie had been shopping in Asda in Canning Street, Burnley, with her mother, Louise Bryant, and on their way out she bought two Scratchcards.

Katie said: “I scratched the first one and there was nothing on it. I was literally standing next to my car as my mum loaded the shopping into the boot and I scratched the second card. I just could not believe what I was seeing. I turned to my mum and said is this right? We just continued to pack the shopping into the car and then thought we better go back into Asda to check the Scratchcard.

“I asked the shop assistant to check the card and I was expecting her to say no, there is a mistake – but she didn’t – she then said she could not pay out the full amount there and then and I would need to call the National Lottery on an alternative number. I just could not believe it. It all seemed like a dream.

“I had walked into Asda needing to watch every penny I spent – I walked out having won a quarter of a million pounds – things like this only ever happen to other people.”

Katie, mother of Milly, five and Olliver, two, added that a week earlier when she had reached the check out in Asda she had spent £10 more than she had expected and had to go and put several items back on the shelf.

“It is just a wonderful feeling to think I do not have to worry any more. This is what means the most to me. I can pay off all of my debts and not have the worry of owing anyone anything,” Katie said.

In addition to buying a house with a garden, Katie is also planning to learn how to drive.

“I never thought I would own my own house and I certainly never thought I would be able to learn to drive – I am so excited. This win will change my life,” Katie added.

Katie, a full time mum, also plays the National Lottery but she said she will definitely be continuing to buy Scratchcards in the hope of a further win.