Lancashire nostalgia in 1975: Egg scramble; M55 poser; and Rollers fan fever

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1975:

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:56 pm
Shoppers in Preston gather to claim their free eggs
Shoppers in Preston gather to claim their free eggs

Egg demo spurs great shoppers’ scramble

A great egg scramble took place in Preston market as Lancashire poultry farmers took part in a demonstration to protest at the dumping of cheap French eggs on the British market.

The farmers gave away about 4,500 eggs free in a bid to encourage Lancastrians to eat British eggs. And gleeful shoppers were not slow to get cracking and poach the free breakfasts.

The Smith Bros filling station on Blackpool Road, Preston

The demo was staged by the Lancashire branch of the NFU whose officials were kept busy giving away half dozen packs to shoppers.

Farmers were also handing out “British Eggs” stickers to launch the campaign which, they hope, will lead English shoppers to say “non” to Les Oeufs.

NFU regional poultry chairman Mr Percy Warren from Carlisle hailed the give-away as a great success. “I am very pleased at the response. The whole idea is to draw attention to the problems of the British egg producers.”

“The housewives got the eggs and the message and if it was left up to them I sure they would only want British products, whether it’s eggs or anything else,” said Mr Warren. “All we are asking for is fair competition.”

Bay City Rollers fans receiving treatment at Preston's Guild Hall

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The new M55 motorway - white elephant or golden treasure?

The end of Preston’s dual carriageway nightmare is in sight.

The new M55 motorway opens in a few weeks and it may help relieve Blackpool Road of its race track image.

For years, Fylde coast traffic has flowed along this trunk road.

With the motorway providing a new gateway to the Fylde experts hope that much of the traffic previously flowing along Blackpool Road will take the new multi-million pound route.

Whether this will happen or not only time will tell and residents and traders are adopting a “wait and see” attitude.

Traders along the town end of the road don’t really see the M55 having much effect on their business. Their trade is mainly local.

But cars and lorries - either local or passing through - all need fuel.

Do filling stations currently involved in a cut-price way along Blackpool Road fear a cut back in their trade once the M55 opens?

A spokesman for Smith Brothers’ Cattle Market filling station felt there was little to worry about. “The garage has been here for 50 years and I don’t see the opening of the motorway forcing us to shut down,” he said.

Whether the M55 will be an expensive white elephant which fails to take the traffic load off Blackpool Road remains to be seen.

Fan fever hits girls at Rollers gig

Mass hysteria gripped Preston before, during and after a Bay City Rollers concert, watched by over 2,000 shrieking fans at a packed Guild Hall. Four girls were taken to hospital and released after treatment.

As the crowds built up before the concert the Rollers escaped a mobbing by slipping quickly into the side entrance.

During the concert dozen of fans collapsed and were carried to the foyer where a St Johns Ambulance squad helped them. Said an official: “Only three or four fainted. The rest were overcome with emotion, heat and hysteria.” After treatment most went back to the concert for more.

After the concert four teenage girls suffered minor injuries in the crush as the fans poured out. They went home after treatment at Preston Royal Infirmary.