Clarets visit to children's hospital ward sparks nostalgic appeal

Do to recognise any of the children on this photograph?

Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 12:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 5:42 pm
Do you recognise anyone in this photograph taken in the children's ward at Burnley General Hospital in 1976?

Do to recognise any of the children on this photograph?It was taken 42 years ago during a VIP visit to the children's ward at Burnley General Hospital by four Burnley players.

Frank Casper is cutting a large football pitch shaped cake flanked by his fellow team mates (left to right) Paul Fletcher, Billy Rodaway and Jim Thomson.

One of the children on the ward was Burnley Express reporter Sue Plunkett who was recovering from peritonitis.

She discovered the photograph, taken by a Burnley Express photographer, while sorting through some paperwork at home.

She said: "I spent three weeks in hospital after my appendix burst .

"It was October, 1976, and I was 11 at the time and felt like I was going to be in there forever as I was so poorly."

Sue cannot remember the special reason for the visit by the Clarets but she does remember the staff on the ward who cared for the children.

She added: "They doctors and nurses were wonderful, so caring and dedicated.

"I was looked after by a consulant called Mr Cassy and a Dr Mankarius who was very strict and efficient.

"If any of the children were crying he would "shush" them quite sternly.

"But they were the people who saved my life."

Sue also has fond memories of a student nurse called Anne Hirst who was just starting her career.

She said: "She wrote a lovely letter to me with some tips for life ahead.

"I still have it to this day and it would be amazing to find out what happened to her and also the other children who were in hospital at the same time.

"I don't remember any names apart from one boy who was called Cornelius and a little girl called Joanne who I shared a room with."

* Are you in this photograph? If you are or your know someone on the picture contact Sue at [email protected] or ring her on 01282 478158