Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves intensive care unit and returns to ward at St Thomas' Hospital

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved from intensive care back to the ward at St Thomas' Hospital, Downing Street has said.

Boris Johnson has now been moved out of the intensive care unit where he has been undergoing treatment for coronavirus, Downing Street has said.

The Prime Minister was admitted to hospital on Sunday (April 5) due to persistent coronavirus symptoms 10 days after testing positive for Covid-19.

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He was later moved to a high-dependancy unit after his condition deteriorated on Monday (April 6).

Boris Johnson has been moved from intensive care back to the ward at St Thomas' Hospital.

A No 10 spokesman has now confirmed the Prime Minister had been returned to the ward at St Thomas' Hospital as his condition continued to improve.

"The Prime Minister has been moved this evening from intensive care back to the ward, where he will receive close monitoring during the early phase of his recovery," the spokesman said.

"He is in extremely good spirits."

Heath secretary Matt Hancock is among the first to react to the news.

He said in a post on social media: "So good that the Prime Minister is out of intensive care and on the road to recovery.

"The NHS is there for us all and I know our amazing NHS staff have given him their characteristic world-class care."

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The announcement comes after Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said lockdown restrictions would remain in place across the country.

Mr Raab said we must "not waste the sacrifices so many people have made," adding "we mustn't give the coronavirus a second chance to kill more people."

7,978 patients have died in hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 in the UK as of 5pm on Wednesday - an increase of 881 patients from the day before.

Mr Raab added: "As we look forward to the long bank holiday easter weekend I know some people are going to start wondering is it time to ease up on the rules.

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"Thank you for your sacrifice, but also we’re not done yet, we must keep going," he said.