Pet Care for our NHS heroes

Kind-hearted kennel bosses are saying huge thank you to the NHS - by offering to look after pets while staff are at work.
Chloe Broomhead with Porsche and MatildaChloe Broomhead with Porsche and Matilda
Chloe Broomhead with Porsche and Matilda

Barton Dene boarding kennels in Leyland is reaching out during the coronavirus pandemic with owners keen to ensure key workers are not forced to leave their beloved pets home alone.

Chloe Broomhead, who runs the business with her mum and dad, Julie and Ian, said: “ Cats and dogs are part of the family and there are many people out there who rely on others to look after pets while they are at work. Or maybe they send them to pet day care.

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“That isn’t possible now with the restrictions on social distancing and isolation. But, we know from our customers, that many people are still having to go work and have no-one to look after their pets. It is a big deal to them.”

Chloe Broomhead at Barton Dene KennelsChloe Broomhead at Barton Dene Kennels
Chloe Broomhead at Barton Dene Kennels

Chloe added: “Our kennels are all clean and standing empty so we want to make sure that anyone in the NHS or caring services who needs us to look after their pet, be it a dog cat are even a guinea pig, has somewhere safe to leave them.”

The kennels, in Heald House Road, is already caring for one dog while her nurse owner is at work.

Chloe said: “ It was actually my parents idea to do this. It is just our way of doing out bit to support our NHS and keyworkers.

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“The dog we have in usually goes to her parents but they are self isolating so she would have been stuck. If we only help one person, then at least it is something.

“We just want to do what we can in times of need.

Pets play a crucial part in peoples’ lives and for many they are their only source of company and, importantly, the animals depend on their owners.”

The Broomhead family of Mum Julie, Dad Ian and Chloe have operated the business for 20 years.

It consists of heated kennels, which are all separate and have runs. There is also a separate cattery on site as well as a grooming parlour.

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Chloe said the family is operating safe distancing and members of the public will not be allowed onto the premises.

All pets will be collected and delivered to and from owners’ vehicles to avoid any human contact.

More information is available on 01772 457322

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