New government campaign 'every vaccination gives us hope' launches to encourage under 50s to get Covid jab

A new government campaign has been launched today (Monday April 26) to encourage anyone aged 50 or under to get their Covid jabs when they are invited to do so.

The national campaign, branded "every vaccination gives us hope," will see TV adverts launched and Royal Mail will apply special postmarks to stamped letters and parcels between May 5 and 7 in support.

The vaccine programme’s first ever TV advert showcases some of the tens of thousands of health and care workers and volunteers involved in the rollout across the UK, as well as those who have received the vaccine.

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It will also run across radio, multicultural media, social media and billboards in prominent locations across Manchester, Liverpool and London.

A new government campaign has been launched to encourage anyone aged 50 or under to get their Covid jabs when they are invited to do so.

Google and YouTube will feature vaccine messaging on their channels, and LinkedIn will be providing free advertising space on its platform to help extend the vaccine message to UK businesses.

The campaign will predominantly be aimed at people under the age of 50 who will be offered their first dose, as well as the over 50s who are booked in for their second dose.

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It hopes to encourage vaccine uptake and highlight the "significant role the vaccine is playing in preventing infections, hospitalisations and deaths."

The advert emphasises the collective effort of everyone who has played a part in the vaccine programme - from the scientists and clinical trial participants, to NHS and care sector staff and volunteer stewards at vaccination sites.

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Fighting misinformation is also addressed, as viewers are encouraged to get their vaccine information from trusted sources, including the NHS website and their GP.

Brenda Williams, 75, a retiree who features in the TV advert getting her vaccine, said: "After a year of living in isolation, unable to see family and friends, the vaccine is helping us all to be free again.

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"As a member of the older generation, I was so excited to get my vaccine and be protected from the virus.

“Everyone who can have the vaccine should trust the experts and get it in order to help the UK and the whole world out of this pandemic."

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Health minister Matt Hancock added: "The UK vaccination programme will go down in history as a phenomenal national effort in the battle against Covid-19.

“Vaccines are helping us get back to doing the things we have missed – they protect you and those around you.

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“This campaign is a remarkable and poignant reminder of everything we’ve been through as a country and everything we have to look forward to - as well as the tireless efforts of our volunteers, NHS heroes and the British people.

“Every vaccination gives us hope and I urge everyone to take up the offer of a vaccine when it comes, as we continue on the path back to normality."