Katie Kenyon: Family of murder victim highlight domestic violence scheme Claire's Law following Andrew Burfield trial at Preston Crown Court

The family of Katie Kenyon want to highlight a scheme called Claire’s Law where if you suspect a person is a domestic abuser you can ask the police about any previous convictions.

A tweet on the official Lancashire Police page reads: “Katie's family have asked us to use today as an opportunity to educate the public. If you have concerns about somebody a family member or friend is in a relationship with you can make a domestic violence disclosure request under the Clare’s Law scheme.”

The scheme allows you to ask the police about the information we hold on a person in relation to domestic abuse offences and convictions if you believe that you or someone you know is in a relationship with an individual that could cause them significant harm.

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Emotional victim impact statement from family of Padiham murder victim Katie Ken...
Padiham mum Katie Kenyon, who was murdered by Andrew Burfield

A family statement read: “Katie told us that she wanted to stop Andrew Burfield from being able to do what he did to her to other women. She wanted to stop him and she wanted answers and this cost her her life. We never believed that anything like this could ever happen to us, but it did. We still cannot quite believe it.”

Andrew John Burfield, who claimed he had accidentally killed Katie, his ex-girlfriend, when throwing an axe has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 32 years for her murder.

Burfield, 51, killed and buried 33-year-old Katie Kenyon in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire, on April 22. Her body was found a week later when he revealed its location to police.

“The 22nd of April 2022 is a date that not one of us will ever forget. It is the day that our beautiful Katie was stolen from us by Andrew Burfield. When the messages were received that afternoon we knew immediately that something was not right. Katie would never have left her children like that and there was all sorts going through our heads. We went out looking for her almost straight away and we sensed then that Burfield was behind it.”

Call 101 to make a request under Clare's Law, or visit your local police station.

If you are worried that a friend, neighbour or loved one is a victim of domestic abuse then you can visit www.noexcuseforabuse.co.uk for details of the support services in Lancashire.