Trumpeter's playing heralds start of 'Clap for NHS' ritual in closeknit Burnley community

Trumpeter Colin Scholes is using his musical talent to keep morale boosted in the village where he has lived for 82 years.

The sound of Colin's trumpet heralds the start of the Thursday night 'Clap for the NHS' that has swept across the UK since the start of the Covid 19 lockdown.

He starts the ritual in the Southward Bottom area of Cliviger with the anthem Down The Street just before 8pm.

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And as people come to their doors, windows and drives to clap and bang pan lids Colin usually belts out a couple of well known tunes such as There'll Always Be An England, Keep on Smiling and I Don't Know How To Love Him.

Trumpeter Colin Scholes, whose music launches the Clap for the NHS initiative in his home village of Cliviger, with his wife Rena.

Colin's wife Rena said: "Judging by the thumbs up from everyone Colin's playing is certainly being well received."

Born and bred in the villlage, Colin played in the Cliviger Brass Band with his dad and uncles.

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He was out playing on Easter Sunday also as a reminder to people of what a special day it was and he played the moving resurrection hymn Christ Is Risen Hallelujah.