'Donation station' created for generous companies who wish to donate essentials, treats and gifts to valiant East Lancashire NHS staff

The East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has sent out a huge vote of thanks to  people and businesses that have come together to support its healthcare workers over the last few weeks.

Fundraising Manager, Denise Gee said there had been an " exceptional outpouring of goodwill' to the Trust and the NHS as a whole and it had received many generous donations and gifts from businesses and individuals since the start of the pandemic.

Denise said: “We really appreciate that people want to show their appreciation to the NHS and our wonderful staff. We are working on creating a ‘donation station’ for local businesses to continue to provide the support we will need in the coming weeks, in a sustainable and sensible way. These donations will of course be distributed throughout the Trust.

“We are also welcoming any monetary donations to help us support our staff and patients through this time.

A 'donation station' has been created for businesses who wish to hand over food,drink and other items to NHS workers during the pandemic.

"Should anyone wish to make a donation to support the on-going wellbeing of our NHS staff they can go to:https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/ThankyouNHS

“However, as per government guidelines, we must urge members of the public to stay inside other than for essential trips. It is for this reason we can only accept donations from businesses at this time.

"The Trust has a duty to protect our community and staff and not put them at risk."

"To enable us to accept all deliveries safely, in line with current social distancing and infection control protocols, it is imperative that businesses contact our Fundraising Team delivering items."


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Any companies who would like to help are asked to contact Denise on 01254 732140 or email [email protected]

Items that would be gratefully received include: (Clinical) face visors, nitrile gloves, clinical gowns, disposable gowns/protection.

(Food and drink) bottled water, fruit, teabags, coffee, hot chocolate, biscuits, crisps, chocolate, cereal bars,soup and noodles. (clothing) pyjamas, t-shirts, socks. (toiletries) sanitary items, shower gel, toothbrushes, toothpaste, brushes, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, moisturiser, facial wipes, tissues, razors and shaving foam, lip balm hand cream, bubble bath and beauty items.

Phone chargers, straws and cosy items like blankets would also be welcome.


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All food items must come in their own, original packaging. The wrapping must be fully intact and the ingredients should be fully visible on the packet.

If the trust cannot make use of the donated items they will be re-located to voluntary organisations.