Burnley boss Sean Dyche: Clarets are adapting well to new training guidelines

Burnley boss Sean Dyche says the club have adapted well to the social distancing guidelines that have been implemented at the Barnfield Training Centre.
Burnley boss Sean DycheBurnley boss Sean Dyche
Burnley boss Sean Dyche

Players and staff, who returned to Gawthorpe on Tuesday, are having to observe strict protocols after coming back together as a group ahead of a planned Premier League return.

The Clarets have been training in pods of five on separate pitches at the multi-million pound facility with each overseen by a different coach.

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"You adjust better than you think and quicker than you think to anything in life," said Dyche. "It has it’s oddness's of course. But for players really, they come in, they know their sessions and pods.

"We’ve laid out where they park and how they can move from their parking space into the training situation. They’ve adapted pretty well and pretty simply.

"The players are good, they are clear minded at the moment. We’ve offered them the chance that if there are any doubts or question marks then they speak freely.

"But they’re really clear minded and have come back fit and well, they look sharp and look like they want to get back to it.

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"They’re in their pods with a specific coach and they’re very positive about being out there.

"As regards, the bigger picture, these are strange times for all, not just football and I think we work accordingly."

Dyche isn't over-thinking the situation; the rulings imposed are a neccesity amid the pandemic and act as a safety net for the health and well-being of the squad.

Offering the safest possible environent for his players to work in is his top priority and the club will continue to adhere to any changes made in the process in readiness for a return to action.

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"If there’s guidelines or new things we have to do then we have to work within that," he said.

"I don’t see it any more complex than that. If they say kick-off date is three weeks, we work to three weeks, if it’s four weeks, it’s four weeks.

"They are strange times and therefore you don’t expect it to all be perfect and everything that we want. I don’t think that is going to be the case.

"We’ve got to be open minded for the challenge that comes our way.

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"Hopefully the UK will start opening up and we can follow that, but at the moment we are in the pod scenario and we’ll see how that goes."

He added: "If they’re going to try and start then they’ve started it very well in my opinion in terms of the safety measures.

"To build on that is going to be next step but that is more about the country. Football’s not in front of the country, we all know that.

"I think as the guidelines for the country open up and ease away slightly then football will follow suit.

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"Maybe with the testing we’ve got that hopefully will generate even more confidence in our own scenarios which means hopefully we push forward and try and get back to some kind of normal.

"We’re heavily covered by the guidelines at the moment and we’re just going along with them."