Burnley to legalise marijuana? One in five locals say it would be economically beneficial

Support for legalisation of weed has been growing worldwide.
Support for legalisation of weed has been growing worldwide.

A new study on one of the more burning issues of the cultural zeitgeist has revealed that 20% of Burnley residents believe that cannabis legalisation would create an increase in tax revenue and bring with it various other benefits including increased quality for users and fewer cases of alcohol-related issues.

With 75% of those taking a quiz saying that the war on drugs has failed and the UK's relationship with alcohol growing more concerning - in 2017 alone, 337,870 hospital admissions were due to alcohol abuse according to the NHS - the potential for marijuana use to offset people's use of alcohol could bare fruit.

Despite 71% of people in Burnley not knowing that medical marijuana is legal, US studies have show that a reduction in alcohol consumption is directly linked to the rise of medical marijuana legislation, with states where recreational marijuana is legal seeing alcohol sales dropping by 20%.

A recent survey by CBDoil.co.uk showed that a fifth of people in Burnley believe that if marijuana were legalised, it would lessen the strain on the NHS and 13% said it would alleviate the number of alcohol-related problems.