Burnley mum's praise for hospital

A Burnley mum who saw her daughter go from being a pale and listless child with no energy to a happy and healthy little girl full of life is grateful to hospital staff for diagnosing her with coeliac disease.

Grace (second from left) with dad Steven, sister Zara and mum Louise
Grace (second from left) with dad Steven, sister Zara and mum Louise

Louise Dole and husband Steven say they feel very lucky that six-year-old daughter Grace was diagnosed at such a young age as many sufferers wait years before it is eventually picked up.

This week is Coeliac Disease Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness about coeliac disease.

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Louise says the difference they have seen in Grace since she went on a gluten-free diet is amazing and she is like a completely different girl.

And she says the family is incredibly grateful to the support and persistence of staff – particularly Grace’s consultant Dr Rosemary Belderbos who went over and beyond to make time for them and care for Grace.

When Grace was four, she became very unwell with stomach and back pains and a high temperature and her parents took her to the Urgent Care Centre at Burnley General, who sent her to the Royal Blackburn.

A biopsy led to Grace being diagnosed with coeliac disease. She has been on a gluten-free diet ever since and the change in her is remarkable.

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Louise said: “Grace looks like a completely different girl. She used to look pale and have bags under her eyes and a bloated stomach but now she looks healthy and well and her size and weight is as it should be.

“We are very grateful to Dr Beldebos and her team and want to thank her and everyone at the hospital.”