Burnley charity offering free counselling for those who have had COVID-19 or keyworkers struggling with mental health

A Burnley charity is offering free counselling for people who have had COVID-19 or keyworkers who have struggled with their mental health.

The PH7 Wellbeing Centre, based in Bank Parade, has been allocated funding for the service following its campaign PH7 Words, which featured prominent businessmen from the region speaking about mental health.

The men, including Kiko Rodriguez, the father of Clarets star footballer Jay, used seven words to describe their mental health journey over the last seven years, which can be either positive or negative.

Kiko said: "Social media is negative in so many ways. But one advantage for me is how the issue of mental health has become a talking point. For me, this is massive.

PH7 Words

"So many of us struggling in the past were reluctant to talk, instead keeping any issues we had bottled up. Often the first step is having the confidence to talk, to say 'Excuse me, I am struggling a little, can you help me?' I have no doubt the answer is almost always 'Of course I can, how can I help?'

"Personally, I see tweets and messages from people on a mental health journey that many of us have travelled. Whichever point you are at, you aren't alone, you aren't the only one battling with the issues that you face, and there is always hope. The stigma attached to mental health is slowly being scrapped and rightly so.

"Whether you are a youngster or an OAP, rich or poor, famous or average Joe, you aren't immune from sometimes needing some help. I remember doing a talk with Alastair Campbell, we are from different walks of life, different backgrounds, but we shared not only a love of Burnley FC but some of the same mental health issues.

"Observers in the crowd also confirmed that they had struggled also. It was an eye opener. You aren't and will never be alone."

PH7 HEALTH is the division of the charity that looks after the mental health of workforces across the country.

A spokesman said: "We currently look after the mental health of over 2,000 people in Lancashire. Setting up policies and strategies in companies that help their staff access support and remain in a happy workplace.

"Breaking stigma is the first step we can take to help men open up about their mental health. The more men who talk, the more the statistics will come down and more men will be able to access the help they need."

For more information on the free counselling for key workers call 01282 479929.