Would be graduates from Burnley, Pendle and Ribble Valley warned to get university applications in before January deadline

Young people across Burnley, Pendle and the Ribble Valley are being reminded that if they want to go to university next year the deadline to apply is not far away.
The deadline for anyone wanting to apply for a university place is in JanuaryThe deadline for anyone wanting to apply for a university place is in January
The deadline for anyone wanting to apply for a university place is in January

Tuesday, January 15th is the cut off point for applications to be made so anyone thinking of studying for a degree is advised to take some time over the Christmas period to fill in the application form.

And as schools and colleges break up today or tomorrow students should be using the holiday time to get as much information as possible to help them make the right decision.

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Studying for a degree is a huge commitment and applying to university can be daunting but this is the last chance to get your application sorted before the you miss the deadline.

Dr Lisette Johnston, Head of School at ScreenSpace, part of the Met Film school, has come up with some top tips for would be students.

She said: " Research your subject and find out who provides the course that will best suit you

" For example, there is a difference between Film Studies and a Film Production, so you need to do your homework. League tables give some idea, but also look at uni websites.

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"Most courses give a module overview to give a sense of what topics you’ll cover across the degree. Are there similarities or differences in the courses you like?"

Dr Johnston also advises to research your university which includes reaching out to current students via social media and forums to find out about their experience there.

Good places to research this are TheStudentRoom.com, groups on Facebook and check-out the university’s Instagram account to get a feel for what people are responding to.

You can also check out what the student union is like and find out if there are any clubs and societies that may interest you. Other things to consider are how easy is it to get to class and are you on a campus or in a city?

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Knowing all this information will make it easier to make a decision when the offers start coming in.

Another aspect that many young people do not think about is your future self as the decisions you make about where and what to study are only part of the story. You could find out if get to do work experience or if there are any sandwich course options with a year in industry?

It is also worth looking at employability rates for the university as a whole and your field of study.

To help you learn more about the course that you’re interested in, make sure you call the university as soon as you can after the Christmas break have a list of questions at hand and make sure you know about any open days, workshops and / or applicant visits before you accept an offer.