Video: Burnley dance students use latest social media craze to keep in step with their studies

Dance students at Burnley Sixth Form Centre are thrilled to be using the latest social media craze to help with their studies while on lockdown.

Enterprising tutor Poppy Olah came up with the idea to teach her virtual classes during the Covid 19 lockdown using TikTok, the video-sharing social networking service that has become a hit across the world.

Now Poppy has been recognised nationally for her expertise as her innovative and inspirational teaching has featured in the Times Educational Supplement and is helping tutors across the UK to enhance their remote teaching while students are remaining quarantines in their own homes.

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Poppy has shared her teaching methods, the technology she uses, alongside photos and video clips, in an informative blog post in TES, the respected education publication for teaching professionals.

Dance tutor Poppy Olah has won national recognition for her inspirational idea to teach her students remotely using TikTok

She has written how her Advanced Vocational students have embraced the opportunities for creativity afforded by working at home and overcoming every challenge with wide-ranging support from college, from providing IT equipment and wi-fi connectivity, to tutorials on how to make the most of the extensive Google for Education Tools.