School Superheroes awards out to reward Lancashire's special school administrators

Lancashire's countless school administrators who go above and beyond in the name of helping kids every day and ensuring schools run smoothly are in with a shout at winning £1,500 as part of the inaugural School Superheroes awards.

Offering everyone the chance to nominate a special school administrator - the unsung folk in the office - for chance to win £1,500 for their school and £500 for the administrator themselves, the first School Superheroes awards is backed by and aims to recognise the people working behind the scenes who do invaluable work.

“We want to celebrate the unsung heroes in the school office, the ones who work tirelessly to make our schools the best they can be," said Ian Cowley, managing director of "Their friendly faces and can-do attitudes deserve to be rewarded and we can’t wait to share your nominations and give them further reasons to shine.”

In the nationwide search, students, children, parent, and teachers are being invited to nominate their favourite office administrator and explain why they are the backbone of their school, with the winning administrator receiving £1,500 for their school and £500 to treat themselves.

There will be two runners up who will each receive £250 for their schools and £250 for themselves, with those looking to nominate a special someone having until Monday, 26th November to vote for your dream team member before winners announced on the Cartridge Save site on Monday 17th December. Every nominee will be presented with a printed certificate which includes the lovely words written about them, so they have a permanent reminder of why they’re special.

To enter, simply visit and explain in just 150 words why your favourite school administrator deserves to be the nation’s favourite.