School pupils '˜lined up in the rain' to colour-match trousers '“ with children sent home if clothes were from the wrong shop

Pupils at a Sunderland school were forced to 'line up in the rain' while teachers colour-matched their trousers to make sure they had been bought from the right shop.
Pupils lined up at Houghton KepierPupils lined up at Houghton Kepier
Pupils lined up at Houghton Kepier

Children at Kepier School, in Houghton, who failed the match test were then placed into isolation or sent home.The “outrageous” moment was captured on camera as pupils had their clothes checked.

Parents contacted the Echo in fury after their children were punished for not wearing the exact grey trousers supplied by the school’s sanctioned uniform provider, or for wearing shoes which could not be polished.

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They argued that, although they understood why blazers and ties with the school logo on must be bought from the same supplier, they didn’t see why they were being forced to buy the plain trousers for £15.99 from Sunderland firm Total Sport.

Kepier School principal Nicola Cooper.Kepier School principal Nicola Cooper.
Kepier School principal Nicola Cooper.

That is despite the same style of trousers being available for less than half the price in supermarkets.

Principal Nicola Cooper said the school is “very proud” of the new uniform and “almost all of our learners are in full school uniform”.

But one parent compared the school’s stance to that of a prison.

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Deb Pearson, whose daughter Nikki, 12, attends Kepier, said: “My daughter was turned away at the gates because she was wearing boots rather than shoes.

A similar pair of trousers is available for 7 at Tesco.A similar pair of trousers is available for 7 at Tesco.
A similar pair of trousers is available for 7 at Tesco.

“I had difficulty finding a pair which fit her, but it’s not like she was wearing trainers or anything like that.

“When she told them she had nowhere to go, they put her into an isolation room.

“The whole thing is ridiculous.

“It’s like the children are in a prison.

“They were checking their clothes for tags, which is just a disgrace.”