Padiham pupils prove they're IT when it comes to recycling

Pupils from a Padiham school were challenged to engage their creative minds by a local IT business.

The Year 10 students from Shuttleworth College in Burnley Road were given a range of redundant IT equipment from Rapid IT and tasked to recycle the items as they saw fit.

Chris Stevenson, operations director at Rapid IT, said: “We have a strong working relationship with the school and pupils have visited us to get a better understanding of what we do, both in Rapid IT and our sister business LCWS Recycling.

“At a time when we are all being encouraged to be more environmentally responsible, we felt that this would be a good challenge for the pupils and really make them think about reusing items which would ordinarily go to landfill.

Owen, a pupil at Shuttleworth College, receiving his prize from Rapid IT operations director Chris Stevenson

“We really had no idea what they might make, but we were extremely impressed with the creativity displayed.

“After a thorough judging process from the team at Rapid IT, we picked Owen’s innovative design as our winner; it was evident that a great deal of thought and effort had gone into the end result.”

Owen (15) received an Amazon voucher for his efforts.

Mrs Frances Ackroyd, careers leader at Shuttleworth College, said: “We really value the support of companies like Rapid IT who are prepared to give our pupils an insight in the world of work.


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The Rapid IT team preparing items to be recycled by students at Shuttleworth College

“This was a great challenge, which got the students excited and really thinking about what they could create. It also made them think about how important it is to recycle and reuse what we can, where we can.

“We look forward to working with Rapid IT on future projects.”