Meet the Burnley school pupils who are mental health champions and inspirational role models for their peers

The head boy at a Burnley high school is relishing his role as a mental health champion for his peers.

By Susan Plunkett
Wednesday, 16th February 2022, 4:55 am

Alfie Vent, who is head boy at Blessed Trinity RC Community College, is among the 'platinum' prefects who are making an impact in five vital key areas of school life, which are British values, faith life, academic achievement, well-being and rewards.

The 12 senior leaders in Year 11 have action plans in the areas which they are introducing throughout the school.

They have been meeting with other pupils in years seven to 10 to promote their leadership roles in school.

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The platinum prefects at Burnley's Blessed Trinity RC College are helping their peers in key areas of life, from mental health to academic achievement

Alfie, whose role is well being, said: “My job as head boy is to speak to young children to check they are ok and what I can do to help them in the future.

“I also go around to primary schools and talk to children and their parents as well. It’s a role I enjoy.”

Alfie shares the role with Olivia James and Robbie Smedley and, as part of nurturing health and mental health, the pupils are working on making a key ring with numbers for relevant helplines on them.

Head girl Beth Porter’s area is British values which involves ensuring everyone knows the students' aims, morals and values and how they should act

Beth said: “We have had competitions and have put posters up around the school. We also mentor the young year-groups and hope our presence around school in these roles will help.”

Elizabeth Webster’s area of expertise is academic achievement and her role is to help people achieve the best they can to the best of their abilities.

She said: "It’s about promoting college life to year 11s, helping year nines with options and talking to years seven and eight on such topics as revision techniques and how to approach tests.”

Rewards is Aiden Laird's responsibility and he is tasked to think of different ways of rewarding pupils, such as with coupons and vouchers.

Olivia Phillips and Aaron Quimpo are responsible for promoting faith life in school.

Olivia said: “We have had a few assemblies and, as well as promoting worship, we are also raising awareness of charities such as Safenet and Cafod.”