Students celebrating on graduation day

Have you chosen your vocation? These are the best and worst paying careers following degree courses at university

Most students will choose a degree that is either relevant to the career they want to pursue, in a field they are passionate about, or, reaps the biggest rewards in terms of income.

There is, of course, no right or wrong way to choose a university degree. However, it can be beneficial to know how saturated the job market is in your chosen field before you enter it, and what kind of starting salary you can expect to go on to at the end of your studies.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of, said “With many students reaching upwards of £45,000 of student debt upon graduation, it’s wise to at least give some thought to your likely income once you’ve finished your studies.

"Notably, the lowest paying degrees listed below are also amongst the most competitive fields to find employment in. Students considering their options for higher education may be best served to be tactical in their degree choice considering our current economic climate.”

Here are the top five best and top five worst paying industries based on starting salary ...

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