Burnley songwriter launches free school music service Praise Along to help bring people together

A Burnley songwriter is using the power of music to help bring people together.

Kelly Fort created music production company Praise Along to provide free singing resources for more than 200 primary schools.

The musician will pen 12 joyful new tracks, one for every month of the year, and has already borrowed the vocals of youngsters attending Hapton CE/Methodist Primary School and Wheatley Lane Methodist Voluntary Aided Primary School to record two of them. She is now looking for 10 more schools to help her record songs for pupils to sing along to in assemblies across the country.

Talking about the inspiration behind the company, Kelly said: “I’ve been a professional songwriter for more than 10 years and I thought it’s time to do something new and exciting.

“Growing up, we all sang the same songs that other people in the country knew, so we had that feeling of unity. It made me happy as a child. I remember singing those songs at school and being encouraged in music. It gave me a bit of a sense that I was part of something bigger.

“Everything is so fragmented now and people are not as united somehow. But music can lift us up when we’re feeling down and inspire us, so the songs are all about spreading love and unity, and are based around good values and being inclusive, a sense of: we’re all in it together.”

Pupils who take part in the recording are shown how to create songs from start to finish, with Kelly adding: “You’re inspiring them to see what talents they have. It’s such a positive thing. It’s an opportunity for kids.”

Schools can sign up to the resource for free.

“The response has been unprecedented and I’m proud to be doing it here in Burnley."

Although the songs are targeted at Christian schools, Kelly says they are “open to everyone. I want them to be really inclusive.”

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