Top businessman welcomes revoke on ban to use trademark catchphrase

The Burnley born businessman, who is head of one of the UK's most successful companies, has welcomed the decision by the Advertising Standards Authority to revoke its decision to ban the firm from using a catchphrase that has become its trademark.

Tuesday, 8th August 2017, 12:45 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:48 pm
Oak Furnitureland boss Jason Bannister with his mother Rita

After a 12 month independent review, the ASA revoked the ban on the company Oak Furnitureland, from using its "100% hardwood" and "no veneer in 'ere" phrasing to sell its products.

The decision was good news for company founder and CEO Jason Bannister who said: "In 2003 we formed Oak Furnitureland and our goal was simple - It was to manufacture 100% solid furniture at a price that everyone could afford. This was at a time where anything well-made or solid seemed to cost a small fortune.

"Just under a year ago the ASA questioned our motives and went against its own experts, thousands of consumers and took a mistaken view on what ‘Solid' and ‘Veneer' meant.

"The implications of this went far past Oak Furnitureland and this decision made it harder for consumers to make an informed choice around quality in many areas of their lives, not just when choosing furniture, but when buying kitchens, doors, floors, the list goes on and on.

"We could not stand by and let this happen.

"Almost a year later the ASA has reversed its original decision and they have confirmed that our furniture is 100% solid and we do not use veneers.

"We would like to thank the ASA and the independent reviewer for their courage on revisiting such a high-profile issue which has such major ramifications."

The ASA's original decision banned the use of these claims regarding some of the retailers dining tables.

Mr Bannister said the ruling should pave the way for a set of rules that make retailers or manufacturers tell consumers what the furniture they are buying is actually made of.

He added: " Our messages of "no veneer in ‘ere" and "100% Solid Hardwood" let consumers know that Oak Furnitureland is fully transparent and open about the materials that are used to make our furniture.

"We use solid hardwood all of the time. There is no confusion and never should have been."

The company, which has its headquarters in Swindon, has developed sales of close to £200m a year and is the fastest growing UK furniture company.

Founded in 2006 online, Oak Furniture Land (, the UK's largest solid hard wood furniture retailer, was established to sell the highest quality solid oak furniture at affordable prices and has since expanded its range to include sofas and lighting.

Today the company holds over 80 showrooms across the UK, and launched online in the USA in summer 2016.