Restrictions to be eased at Lancashire's tips from Monday - here's what you need to know

Restrictions will be eased at Lancashire's tips from next week, meaning people visiting in their cars will no longer need to book an appointment.

Lancashire County Council has confirmed people will be able to visit their recycling centres in their car without booking an appointment first from Monday (July 6).

People will also be allowed to use their vans and trailers again to carry their waste from Friday (July 10), however they will have to book an appointment before visiting.

The booking system for vans and trailers will go live on July 6, but the number of appointments available will be limited, and visits for vans and trailers will be limited to one per month.

People will be able tovisit Lancashire's tipsin their car without booking an appointment first from Monday (July 6). (Credit: Neil Cross)

County Councillor Albert Atkinson, Cabinet Member for Technical Services, Rural Affairs and Waste Management, said: "The appointment system has been very effective in ensuring people can bring their waste without having to join a long queue, and ensure our staff can direct them once they arrive while ensuring their experience of visiting is safe and stress-free.

"Managing demand was vital when we first reopened the sites as we knew that a lot of people had excess waste they wanted to dispose of which had built up while the sites were closed.

"The demand for bookings has now reduced to a level where from next week we no longer need people to book ahead if they're using their car."

A number of further restrictions on using the sites will remain in place for all visitors, and people are urged to check them before setting out.

Restrictions which will remain in place include only bringing one type of waster per visit and construction and demolition waste remaining prohibited for the time being.

"The virus has not gone away, and we are keeping in place all the other restrictions which were introduced when the sites reopened," Cllr Atkinson added.

"It's therefore vital that everyone takes the time to check them before they visit.

"A condition of visiting is that people observe these restrictions and respect our staff, as we have a duty to protect them and will not tolerate any abuse or aggression towards them."

Restrictions which will continue to apply since they were introduced when the sites reopened are as follows:

- People will be asked to only bring one type of waste per visit.

- Visitors will not be able to walk freely around the site as they could previously. This is because the sites have been reconfigured to ensure social distancing, and visitors will be asked to drive up to the particular skip they need.

- People cannot bring construction and demolition waste, also known as inert waste, and plaster, plasterboard or asbestos, and the usual permit system allowing people to bring limited amounts of this waste will not be operating.

- People will need to carry their waste from their vehicle to the skip as staff will not be able to help.

- People must not visit if they have any symptoms of coronavirus or should be self-isolating.

You can check on the restrictions, and book an appointment if you need one, at

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