Kids Review: Lego Duplo fit for a Disney princess

FLORA is like any three-year-old girl. She loves pink and pretends to be a princess. But she also likes nothing more than building with her big brother Ruaridh.

So what better than the Disney Princess range from Lego Duplo, aimed at pre-schoolers and which brings fairytales alive!

From the minute the boxes containing Cinderella’s Carriage (£19.99) and Sleeping Beauty’s Room (£9.99) were opened, both Flora and Ruaridh were hooked.

The pumpkin shaped carriage is just the thing for the princess to arrive in and is beautifully decorated with an open and close door and a white horse, clock tower and glass slipper brick.

In Sleeping Beauty’s Room, the young lady awaits for by her prince to break the spell and wake her up. There is a baby blue bed, a pink blanket, pretty flowers and a Fairy Godmother brick.

Also in the collection is Cinderella’s Castle (£39.99), a magnificent two level castle for the prince and princess to live in with tall towers, romantic turrets and chandeliers.

Snow White’s Cottage (£12.99) allows the builder to create a picturesque house for Snow White to live in, before she goes down to wood with her favourite rabbit.

The lego is designed for little people with small hands and big imaginations and it was lovely to watch brother and sister becoming lost in their own worlds as they played for hours with magical pastel coloured bricks.


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Lego Duplo fit for a Disney princess, logo onto for stockists details.