From Barcelona to Burnley: Clarets fans team behind booming company are proud to have their base in 'centre of the north'

“We’re Hapton lads, Burnley FC season ticket holders and we’re proud to have the business in the borough.” These were the words from Ryan Strange, director at Miro Products, based at Vision Park, Burnley.

Miro Products, launched four years ago, has become one of the latest Burnley Bondholders,

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Ryan said: “We’re doubling growth year on year, from nothing in 2018, when my fellow director Liam Lord established the business. We have a huge customer base right across the UK, as well as local partners such as Clearly Interiors and Stuart Frazer.

The team at Miro love their Burnley base which they describe as the 'centre of the north'

Miro are specialists in kitchen extraction, importing most of its cooker hoods from Barcelona, where it has sole distribution rights with the manufacturer.

They supply their products to independent kitchen retailers in all corners of the UK.

With the growing number of families in the UK making their kitchen the heart of their home, Miro’s extensive product portfolio includes a fantastic selection of high quality, stylish cooker hoods that are powerful but also quiet. This makes the especially ideal for open plan kitchen living.

But after spending £30,000 to exhibit at a giant trade show at Birmingham NEC at the start of 2020, Miro Products ran into a major hurdle – Covid-19.

The kitchen project by Stuart Frazer featuring the Nitro 360 stainless steel ceiling extractor. Winner of Best Kitchen Space at the Northern Design Awards 2021.

Ryan added: “We could see things were closing up and supplies would be affected. So, we took a huge risk and ploughed all the money we could into buying as much stock as possible and bringing it to Burnley as soon as possible.

"The risk paid off. Some of the larger appliance brands were struggling with meeting customer demand, but, with us being smaller, we had plenty for our clients.

" And with everyone at home, many people renovated their homes and bought new kitchens, so our products were selling fast.”

No doubt many a great idea is conjured up on a night out and that’s exactly how Jamie Butterfield, sales office manager, joined Miro Products.

“I’ve known Liam and Ryan for years and it was on a night out where Liam and Ryan told me they were growing rapidly and needed extra support – so I came on board,” Jamie said.

Three other staff members have joined over the last year including two more external sales representatives.

Liam says: “Miro have a stronghold of customers in the North and Scotland, these are customers who I have been dealing with for almost 20 years. We saw expansion in different areas vital to move forward; this is why we’ve recruited two experienced sales executives; one in the Midlands and the other in the southeast, including London.”

Jamie fully agrees with Liam and Ryan that the business needs to be in Burnley adding: “Burnley is thriving, it’s the centre of the north, you can get on to any motorway from here and yet be in the middle of the countryside within five minutes. There’s something that pulls you back to Burnley too. I’ve lived in places such as Cyprus and have always come back to Burnley.”

The team are also delighted with their premises which they have expanded as typical monthly order sizes grew from £6,000 to £80,000.

The name comes from Joan Miro, an artist known for his sculptures. Liam picked the surname for his new company name and created the ‘Art of Extraction’ tagline.