Embattled aerospace giant Safran 'adapting' work at its Burnley site

Bosses at one of Burnley's biggest skilled employers Safran Nacelles have moved to quash rumours of further redundancies at the site, but have said that it was having to adapt in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sadly, the ongoing pandemic around the world has meant that the aerospace industry continues to be badly hit, leading to local rumours this week of 48 further redundancies at the site in Bancroft Road.

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However, bosses have moved to quash those rumours, but did say the company was "adapting" its industrial footprint at its three sites including Burnley.

The Safran Nacelles site in Burnley

Safran Nacelles Ltd managing director Tom Wormleighton said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately had a long-lasting impact on people across the world, as well as on the global economy and the aerospace industry.

"Last year Safran Nacelles had to adapt its organisation and capacity to reflect levels of production volumes and this regrettably involved redundancies in countries where Safran Nacelles operates including the Burnley site.

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"Unfortunately the fact is that air traffic is still severely affected and the recovery in the aerospace industry is not imminent. We must ensure the sustainability of the company by adapting our industrial footprint on our three major sites – Burnley, Le Havre and Casablanca.

“The Burnley site remains a key asset in the Safran Nacelles industrial strategy and we’re working on optimising our costs and manufacturing flows.

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“Nobody is currently at risk of potential redundancy. The impact of the changes are likely to be mitigated to a significant extent, for example through new roles in certain areas of expertise, and a skills and training programme. ”