Supermarket in former Burnley pub to be extended

An extension to a pub-turned Tesco store has been approved by councillors despite worries about noise and a 16-foot fence to muffle the sound of deliveries.

The shop’s neighbour was one of several objectors and was supported by Liberal Democrat councillor Gordon Birtwistle when the application was debated by Burnley Borough Development Control Committee on Thursday.

The proposals would add a storage extension to the Tesco Express branch on the corner of Brunshaw Road and Rimington Avenue.

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The property was formerly the Brunshaw Public House, converted in 2012 to the supermarket chain’s outlet.

Burnley Town Hall

Planning permission was granted for the modular extension and closed-boarded 3.5metre acoustic timber fence.

A condition was imposed restricting deliveries to between 9am and 5pm on Mondays to Saturdays only.

A planning officer's report said: “The primary reason for the proposal is to increase storage space. The store as it currently operates is understocked due to a lack of storage combined with limited permitted delivery times.

“The extension will allow an increased level of stock to be stored on-site, allowing the store to operate within the limited delivery times.”

Several objections from nearby residents expressed concerns about noise from the existing store and increased disturbance cause by any extension.

Michael Sproston of PWA planning, speaking on behalf of the residents of 457 Brunshaw Road, told the committee: “I feel that this scheme is not acceptable because of concerns about noise pollution and the overshadowing of adjacent homes.

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“The massive fence would severely impact all neighbour properties. The actual level from my clients property would be 4.8 metres in height.”

Daniel Botten, speaking for Tesco said: “The extension is of small-scale. It will not be prominent addition. The inclusion of the acoustic barrier will provide betterment in noise terms.”

Coun. Birtwistle said: “I think it is unreasonable that somebody is going to get a 16 foot high fence stuck on the border of their property. Does this fence need to be 16 foot-high?”

Labour’s Coun. Sue Graham said: “The reason they are suggesting the acoustic screen is to reduce the amount of noise suffered by the residents.”

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Two other councillors joined Coun. Birtwistle in voting against approving the application which was passed by 11 votes to three.