The 'other' Michael Jackson is back in Lancashire

The “other”’ Michael Jackson has a message for all Preston residents: “Be proud of your city”.

Monday, 1st February 2021, 3:51 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd February 2021, 11:23 am
The 'other' Michael Jackson

Preston-born Michael is a renowned public speaker who has travelled around the world talking to businesses and their staff.

His speciality – change.

Which is just about perfect for these constantly changing and uncertain times caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Michael Jackson the late performer

Of course, Michael shares his memorable name with a certain late superstar singer and performer.

In fact he styles himself as the “other” Michael Jackson.

And, yes, he has heard all the “Whacko Jacko” jokes.

Now he is back in Lancashire for the first time in 30 years and is enjoying the experience.

Michael said that during his travels he was often aware of negative comments on social media about Preston.

He said: “It’s a great place with great people. I have missed the Northern friendliness.

“It has been a hell of a journey but I’m back and enjoying it. Everyone is so nice and so friendly.

“I am talking to businesses already and everyone in this great city seems to be pulling together to get through the crisis.”

Michael has more than 30 years of strategic business, marketing and communications experience and has spoken at 2,700 conferences in 46 countries.

Audiences have ranged from factory workers to heads of state like Nelson Mandela.

He has now returned to the UK from South Africa owing to family reasons and plans to carry on inspiring and helping businesses through these difficult times.

Michael was London educated and trained in business strategy development and communication.

As he went into companies to talk to them about where their business was at currently, and where it could be, he found it came naturally to him.

He then moved into conference and business to business speaking.

Michael has worked personally for business leaders such as Virgin boss Richard Branson and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, as well many other leading global businesses such as Qatar Airways, HP, Goodyear and Barclays.

He is today internationally sought-after as a professional speaker and has also become globally renowned as a specialist on the subject of change in a business context.

Change is something that every Lancashire business big and small has had to adapt to in the last 12 months, from opening and closing and opening again to finding new ways of doing business.

Michael’s message to Lancashire is that it is not all over yet. He fears there will be many more changes to come as the Government tries to get to grips with the pandemic.

He said he believed that 2021 would be another year of change.

Anyone who thought the crisis was already behind them would be mistaken.

He said: “In a business sense it’s hard to plan for the future when you don’t know where you are going to be in five months’ time let along five years.

“There isn’t a new normal – everything today remains abnormal.

“I think 2021 is going to be just as bad as 2020 in many ways and in fact things could change more drastically.”

Michael said companies and people were often resistant to change, but it was part of life.

“Some people don’t adapt to change very well. Sometimes we refuse to see it is necessary or refuse to accept it.

“Sometimes it is like we are driving along looking through the rear view mirror instead of the front window.”

Michael said many businesses, particularly in retail and hospitality, had been forced to find new ways of working when allowed to open.

It was vital that businesses lived in the modern world and looked forward, removing negative habits.

As a public speaker he too has had to adapt to online conferencing rather than standind up in front of an audience.

“I’m very happy on camera as it is as natural to me as it can be,” he said. “It can work perfectly well on Zoom – but obviously there may not be as many people in the audience.”

For the record, he once met the other Michael Jackson in South Africa.

It was a small private gathering and he said he found him “charming and fascinating”.

And the star had heard most of the Michael Jackson jokes too – and laughed along.

To contact Michael, visit

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